Knock Down & Re-build - LYNEHAM ACT

The decision to contract Andrew Foster to build our house proved to be a good one. There are several reasons, but two spring to mind. Firstly, Andrew takes pride in his work, paying great attention to detail. This was evident during the building process and in the quality of the work that has resulted. It was evident when instances arose where plans on paper didn’t translate perfectly in practice. Andrew thought through possible solutions, and talked these through with us, seeking our input. We appreciated his considered suggestions for improvement. Where we specified building materials new on the market, he took the trouble to talk with suppliers and manufacturers to make sure he understood correct installation methods. Secondly, it became clear that Andrew only sub-contracted tradespeople who shared his focus on doing the job right, and that those people in turn respected Andrew’s attention to detail and high expectations. This is important, given the crucial role of sub-contractors on any building project. As a bonus we were pleased that our neighbours, who had to live next door to a building site, were complimentary about Andrew and his team, and had no complaints. We are now enjoying living in our new house, and we appreciate the care that Andrew took to build it.